Universal Equipment universal equipment imageis type of strengthening system that can work on many different musles on your body. There is always selection for different resistance so that you can start at comfortable level and increase as your tolerance permits. The prices for this type of exercise equipment varies from $500 to $10,000. I met many people who purchased this type of equipment for their personal use with intention to strenghten their body, but after short time, usually, few months the equipment becomes less and less used. Better idea is to join local gym. Practice has shown that individuals who frequent a gym are far better off in improving their strenght, and endurance because they show more responsability to their commitment. Universal machines were created originally by weight lifters back in the 1930's. They realized that "free weights" are dangerous to inexperienced lifter because, bench pressing a bar with weight plates on it could fatigue muscle, which could then give in and the whole weight coud fall on the person's chest and cause severe injury. Universal machines have eliminated this dangerous condition. Generally the good rule of thumb is to start exercise slowly, and if you never used the exercise equipment make sure you talk to your local physical therapist who will guide you on your way to better health.