We, at Physical Therapy Services use the treadmill to increase the overall performance of patients in areas of cardiac rehabilitation, endurance, strength, and gait training. To be effective the treadmill should be used consistenly with a program of exercise designed with specific goals tailored to the individual. Everyone should seek the advice of a professional prior to engaging in an active exercise program. People who are unfamiliar with treadmills should not attempt to use this equipment without the assistace of an experienced individual until you develop your own comfort level. Today treadmills are equipped with: heart monitoring, speed control, incline control and pre-programmed exercise protocols which is a combination of all of these items. Treadmills are designed with safety in mind and have an integrated trip-line which stops the treadmill. The line is clipped to the user's clothing and if any motion is made which causes the tab to be removed from the panel the treadmill will be brought to a stop. The image below shows a typical panel where the trip-line is visible.vitruvian image vitruvian image