Our staff at Physical Therapy Services is well versed in diagnosing and tratment of musculoskeletal spine injuries occuring from the base of the skull to the tail bone. Traction is one of several available treatment options when dealing with neck or back pain. There are two types of traction:

  • Cervical traction (Manual or Mechanical)
  • Lumbar traction (Manual or Mechanical)

In our office we use manual traction for your cervical problems. For Lumbar conditions we have option to go with mechanical traction if manual work is not providing desired results. Neck and back problems result from variety of reasons; car accidents, falls, sport injuries, obesity, poor posture, poor working space, inadequate sleeping matterass, etc. There are however thing we can do to lessen the inpact from injury such as maintaining good posture, adopt a diet that will keep appropriate body weight in proportion to a person's height, rearange your work space so to make it easy maintaing good sitting posture, and exercise daily to keep your body core and spine in good shape.
Below is Saunders Lumbar Traction Device that we use in our office. traction unit empty
After being securely positioned on top of the unit with straps and comfortably laying the therapist will then adjust the amount of force which will work on putting appropriate pull on the spinal vertebrae.
traction unit fullThe patient can also regulate the amount of pull by adjustng the pressure with a hand held pump.