Therabands are very versatile and most useful exercise tools in physical therapy. We use yellow, red, green, and blue color therabands from least to the most resistance levels. The most common use is in strenghtning shoulder joint musculature, but it can be used to strenghten any joint.

exercise with therabandexercise with theraband The figure on the left depicts the strengthening exercise for the right shoulder rotator cuff. The patient is holding her elbow close to her body as she pulls the theraband from her abdomen toward her right side. The figure on the right shows the opposite movement exercise. Both exercises will improve shoulder stability and strength. To determine which color theraband to start with the patient is tested for resistance tolerance by trial with different colors (levels).

exercise with therabandexercise with therabandSimilarly the image on the left shows strengtening of the right shoulder lateral deltoid. The arm is moving away from the body while the elbow must be fully extended. The image on the right works on the right shoulder musculature by pulling the theraband towards your body or going even further by going towards left side as far as possible without bending the elbow. The muscles mostly affected are the upper chest and the right scapula muscles.

hip abduction exerciseship abduction exercisesSome other typical exercises using therabands are depicted in the following two images. On the left is an exercise designed to strengthen their hip muscles which important in walking activity. The patient is exercising by pulling on both knees and opening as wide as possible. On the right side the patient is exercising by using the theraband for ankle trengthening.

There are practically no limits for the use of therabands in physical therapy. The material is relatively inexpesive and the therapists often give patients several feet of theraband for home exercise programs.