Muscle strength is measured by how much force it can generate to complete a physical task. This depends on two factors; the size of the muscle, and how much effort is given by the individual.
Endurance is a person's ability to carry certain physical activity with set intensity over a predetermined time period. It is important to note this difference. If you wish to get stronger use weight lifting techniques that require you to exert force over short time periods. To improve on endurance select cardiovascular workouts like swimming, bicycling, or jogging which requires exercise over longer time periods.

The following is an example of a simple fitness guide;

  1. Strength Workout
    1. Choose appropriate weight/Resistance
    2. Set repetition number
    3. Set the time period
    4. Set weekly schedule

  2. Endurance Workout
    1. Select Equipment/workout type
      1. Bike
      2. Treadmill
      3. Swimming
      4. Jogging/Running/Walking
    2. Set the time period
    3. Set weekly schedule

One of the most common mistakes, when starting with an exercise regimen, is beginning with a workout that is beyond one's physical ability. This leads to injuries which are counter productive to the initial intentions. To embark on the road for better physical fitness one must be patient and consistent with a fitness plan. For a good balance between the workouts it is recommended to work each on alternate days. Ask your physical therapist how to begin an effective fitness plan.