M E D I C I N E     B A L L S

Information about the medicine ball is not widely known, but its use in physical therapy is as important as any other exercise equipment. Historicaly, their first use is recorded about 3000 years ago in Persia. medicine ball image The image displays the two medicine balls we use in our office, yellow weighs 3kg (about 6 lbs), and blue weighing 9 lbs. As a therapeutic exercise the medicine ball is always held with both hands. This insures strengthening in lifting against gravity, and in addition strengthens the gripping motion. Most therapeutic exercise tries to simulate the movement when the injury occured as in case when throwing the basketball into the basket, or in soccer when throwing the ball overhead.

As a general strengthening tool, the medicine ball is used in boxing by dropping the ball on the abdominal area to simulate a punch from an opponent. This strengthens the whole abdominal and breathing musculature as the athlete has to tense to accept the medicine ball thrust. Many fitness institutions have adopted the medicine ball as a fitness aid.
Important to note that the use of a medicine ball as throwing fun is dangerous as the ball mass could injure the receiving party.