Most physical therapy offices will have a stationary bicycle. There are several types; regular with seat up, and recumbent as as depicted on fig. 1. The recumbent bike is preferred type due to confort and safety.vestibular system image Stationary bicycle are used to work on strengthening, endurance, and range of motion. All muscle groups from the hip to the big toe benefit from this type of workout. Endurance brings improvement in patient's cardiovascular ability. The reange of motion created by pedaling is very useful in treatment for total knee replacements, and generally for stiff and arthritic knee joints.

Theese bike are quite different from the ones used 30 years ago where the resistance was controlled with mechanical means by manually increasing the tension to the turning wheel. vestibular system imageNowdays these bike have a panel with voriety of choices from "fat burning", "interval exercise", to "heart control" settings. Fig 2 shows a typical bike panel.

It is important to note that as with any exercise you should start slow giving time to warmup. Typically if you wish to work for 15 min on the bike, you should alow first 2 min for warmup, the next 11 min for workout, and the las 2 minutes for cool down.

If during the exercise you feel pain or shortness of breath - stop. If symptoms persist call your doctor.